Saitek Throttle don't recognize (SOLVED)

Hi I have al Saitek product that is regulary supported (Throttle, yoke and Pedals) Pedals and yoke is recognized but not the throttle, it doesn’t appear inside the control menu in FS someone help?

I have the same setup … although the throttle quadrant isn’t shown in the picture for the Saitek Flight System the levers and switches for the throttle quadrant can be programmed from there

Ok clear but the problem is that the levers and switches is not recognize because if i’m try to programming the propelled every button i pressed on the throttle is not recognize i can’t assign

I’m solved! i’m enter in the comand setting under flight yoke, then unplugged the PS2 connect of the throttle from the yoke and then riconect phisically. thi is work for me