Saitek X45 strange throttle sensitivity issue

Here is the deal: The throttle works but I noticed there is a delay as I throttle up before the throttle actually moves. When I check the sensitivity settings for it, here is what I see:

With the throttle at the no-throttle physical off position, I move the throttle slowly up and the ball slides up to the top of the graph, then drops down to the bottom of the graph - but I am only halfway up physically. As I continue the motion up, it repeats the same top to bottom ball graph movement until I am physically at the top. In the cockpit, the throttle does not begin engaging until the joystick is moved 1/2 way up physically. Then to make matters worse, the throttle does not go up gradually - its either 0% or 100%…

When I compare the elevator settings I mapped, it is a different setting like what I would expect with mapping a moving lever on a joystick. It also has a reverse option. The throttle does not have the same type of mapping in the game as the elevator - although other games do. I feel like we are missing something here… and I am not sure it’s because of the special attention paid to multiple throttle joysticks or not…

I have tried multiple combinations of mapping and adjustments to the sensitivity to get the software to utilize 100% of the joystick but unfortunately it only used the top half - and then 0%/100% only. Not sure what to do since we cannot access any keymapping configs to tweak. HELP!

I too originally had that problem. The answer lies in the sim button programing. Be sure NOT to progam for throttle up,down seperately but use the throttle combined program. Do this for the stick as well and then everything works as it should. I even found that my sensitivities went back to 0.

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Are you mapping the physical device to Throttle up/down or Throttle Axis?

So I woke up this morning with a fresh start and went back to the settings and saw “Throttle1 Axis” and I mapped it to that and it now works!

Thanks for the clues!

My throttle maps just fine, same with my rudder and trim wheels but my stick will only stay mapped all the way to one side. The Saitek calibration is perfect outside of the game. How did you get your stick to work?

I had it working for awhile now - I don’t recall exactly what I did when I was trying to get X-Plane working since the x45 is not officially supported for Windows 10, but I did get a driver for it from somewhere. I do use to make sure the Saitek buttons and sliders are recognized - and once it did, I have never had any issues with it since.

Throttle axis.

I redownloaded the Saitek software and installed it, then connected stick, calibrated with Saitek software, then all else is done in sim. Did crash a bunch till i got the axis figured out, then it was just adjusting sensitivities.