Saitek x52 cockpit view issues

Hi all.

I havent played on fs20 much, as my computer was struggling, now ive upgraded.

But do you think i can get these ■■■■ controls right.
It seemed so easy of Fsx.

My cockpit view, when using the joybutton on the joystick, to look left right up down, if you press right your view looks as far to the right, and when you let go, it goes back to center.

So until you use the mouse, you cant look at a certain point.

When flying, i like to be able to use the joystick to looks around, as apposed to letting go to use the mouse.

Anyone shed any light on if this can be changed.

Also, if i use an xbox controller the view works perfect

I made a video about this. It’s in german but maybe it can help you.

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This may help as well.