Saitek X52 Controllers Out Of Control?

Since the very latest FS DLSS update, the Saitek X52 has been reset to default? The throttle revs up engine, but does not reduce, the rudder steering on ground is totally out of control, aircraft ‘all over the place’ unable to steer? This is not the first time that the FS updates has upset my Saitek Controllers. Disconnected Saitek and now using keyboard and mouse to fly, and taxi. Help Please.

No issues here with my X52 pro. Are you using some middleware such as FSUIPC? or have you the settings defined directly in MSFS?

Not using any third party controller software, not even Saitek. I assume settings are defined by FS, and they say it is set to default? The controllers were working perfectly before this update. Thank you

I have a visitor to attend to. Have to close the PC. Hope to back later on. I will try and reply to all suggestions, thanks.

Are the operating as expected in the windows control panel when you test them?

Hello there. Try reinstalling the Drivers for your X52.
Hope this helps. Regards.