Saitek X52 Problem

So i have the Saitek x52 HOTAS and for some reason recently my Y axis on the flight stick has a bounce to it. Its kinda like im tapping it constantly when im not even touching it! I have moved the neutral position in the sensitivities as a work-around, but its not ideal. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and has it been fixed? Ive tried re-centering and unplugging and plugging back in, but no dice.

Try increasing your dead zone in the sim’s sensitivity settings by a couple of percent. That should eventually get rid of it. I had that issue with the thumb stick on my X56. Putting a dead zone of 5% fixed it for me.

Thanks…that seems to have fixed it better. I just find it strange that it does it at all.

It could be something as simple a dirt in the potentiometer for that axis causing its zero value to fluctuate a bit. Introducing that dead zone basically cancels out that signal fluctuation as far as the sim is concerned.

Can you calibrate the stick with the Saitek calibration tool first?

I don’t know. I didn’t install that garbage on my system.

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Saitek’s are notorious for constant calibration, every week even. I binned mine a very long time ago.

I have a newer X56 with the Logitech G branding. Outside of that drift issue with the thumb stick, I never calibrated it once for the several months I used it with MSFS and it was always fine.

I have a Honeycomb Alpha and Logitech throttle quadrant now, so I don’t use the X56 for MSFS any more. My son uses it though, and he hasn’t had to do any calibration either.

I think the key is just not using their horrible software.

Calibrate first though and then configure it in MSFS, can’t do any harm, maybe some good even.

Perhaps. I can’t say for sure. All I can say is that outside of that thumb stick which is apparently a common issue with the X56, I’ve never had an issue and never calibrated anything.

Fair enough, only takes a few moments to calibrate and I have noticed it brings the native dead zone back into line, maybe it is different for joysticks because of the way they are built.

I found changing the dead zone in the settings changes the deadzone both directions. If I do it through the calibration i can unlink and only do the direction i get the bounce! Thanks for all the replies…great help!

SO…i figured out why im getting the bounce. I had my stick on my powered Logitech powered mouse pad so i guess it was messing up something. I figured it out because i was looking at my deadzones at the same time as picking it up and moving it to figure it out. Noticed every time i put it down it would start up again then it hit me! Now i just moved my pad over a little bit and all set!! So if your having the same issue, maybe you have the same situation!

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