Saitek X52 sensitivity issue

I’m aware the sim is missing the sensitivity configuration. However in the Windows 10 control panel the X52 is perfectly stable and everything is balanced. However, when I load up the sim, I simply increase the throttle a bit, and the plane just skids off the runway and the pitch goes all haywire.

I have tried doing a clean install of the drivers and Saitek software with no luck on the sensitivity issue.

Should I just wait for the patch to fix this? At the moment, MSFS is pretty much unusable for me.

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Hi @magnetite2,
Bummer! I’m using the saitek x52 with no major issues… the rudder is over sensitive but the devs know about that.
Hav you tried unpluging your joystick, starting FS, then plugging the joystick back in, and letting FS detect it’s plugged in? That may get it going?

Hi, How do I use the saitek flight yoke without rudder pedals? can this be done?

I’d say you need to start your own thread and ask there. :slightly_smiling_face:

ok thanks…

I also have the X52 and haven’t had any issues other than the rudder sensitivity.

The sensitivity panel is working again the the latest patch. I used it myself today.

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I tried re-installing FSX to test this, and in FSX, the stick flies straight and level. Taking off, the plane goes right down the center line.

Not so in MSFS, the plane still swerves off the runway. If I let go and watch the plane starts doing circles all by itself. It’s definitely something in MSFS that’s causing this issue.

In addition to doing a clean install of drivers and such, I also deleted the profiles in the sim for each device and started fresh. Unfortunately, this didn’t work.

As a last resort, I uninstalled MSFS, deleted everything, and reinstalled the sim. This fixed the issue.


It seems like a lot of joysticks have problems, I have a Thrustmaster Hotas X and had rudder problems, I bought the X52 and still having problems with the rudder, since the last patch I am having more problems with both joysticks.

Hey @CornishGamer698 what issues are you having, and how have you assigned the rudder? I fly the TBM-930 95% of the time. I have the Hotas X, and I’ve tried the rudder both on the joystick and the “slider” on the throttle. Neither of them is perfect, but I prefer on the joystick. I had to tweak the sensitivity to get it somewhat usable, though.

Hey @MrMooreySJ I have set my rudder axis as the twist on my joystick, when I look at it in game it seems like it is set to a button not an axis, If I turn the joystick slightly either way it goes all the way to the left or right, if I look at it in the windows 10 joystick configaration it moves smoothly to either left or right.


@CornishGamer698 here’s my assignment for rudder with the Hotas X, and my sensitivity settings L-R, Roll, Pitch, Throttle, Rudder.

Is your throttle working correctly? Mine jumps to full gas as soon as the lever is just over half? (Or jumps to 0 if lever is moved just under half). :roll_eyes: