Saitek X52 throttle and stick FREEZE near simulation "objects"

I have the original X52, with the 255 id. I made the change in the XML, to make FS2020 recognize my controller, and for the most part it works.
But . . . .
If I try to taxi close to any hanger object, or a simulated aircraft, my stick and throttle totally freezes. And this inevitably makes me crash. After this happens, I exit FS2020, and the usb panel in windows shows my controller with NO functionality. Reboot the pc, and all is back to normal. And I can play for hours with no issues, if I avoid sim objects. Sometimes it will happen just turning on to a runway from the taxi way. KWEA rwy 17 happens consistently. It also clobbers me a lot, when trying to fly with the community groups starting close together. I am running the latest version 116 from Logitech for the driver. I am at my wits end, and about ready to smash this controller. But if I avoid getting close to objects, it works GREAT. Are any other of you guys seeing this? I cant taxi to a gate without being shutdown.