Saitek X52 Throttle

Can’t get my throttle to work correctly. I have to pull lever back to et power not push forward. I went into controls checked “Reverse axis” clicked F11 to save but no results. Any idea why this is not changing.

I have the X52 and don’t see this issue. So you have the saitek software and drivers installed. Only reason I ask is because I don’t have them installed and have no issue.

You will probably find a lot of pretty detailed threads by now on the Saitek X52 in the Peripherals Self-Help thread. One quick thing to try is to completely exit the sim and restart it to see if the axis works the way it should. That might not do anything and you may have already tried it, but sometimes binding changes don’t seem to want to “stick”.

Thank you… Yes I did try that and it still didn’t change. I will try and check the driver again though. Once again thank you. Hope to see you in the air sometime, maybe we can fly together. Thanks Walt

Did you tried this?:

This worked for me!

Thank you Taragashi. I just unplugged my X52 and plugged it back in and that seemed to fix it. It’s ok now. But, Thank You for the reply and I will keep your response in my notes. Once again .“Thank You.” Hope to meet you in the air sometime on MSFS. Walt My Call sign is FreshSpider1248

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