Saitek x56 it's good?

hy guys , i can buy for 200 euro a brand new x56 , it’s a good hotas ?? have problem ?? i like because have 2 throttle. tnx to everyone

I have the X-55 (Same, but different, but still the same) and I’m more than happy with it!

I’ve got it. It’s ok. Plenty of buttons and switches you can assign. The throttle isn’t bad but the joystick isn’t great. It feels very plastic and cheap considering what it costs. I really don’t like the twist axis for controlling the ruder or steering. It feels like it could break at any moment. I’m looking to upgrade to a Virpl stick as soon as I can afford it. I’ll keep the X56 throttle going because as I say it’s not too bad.

The mid range area of the HOTAS market doesn’t seem that well catered for.

have one, no problems with it… I fly everything with it…

Those are indeed very nice. But easily four to six times as expensive. At Aerosoft we like the Saitek X range. They are stable over time (a lot of controllers are not), easy to maintain (clean and lubricate) and simply work.

Personally, I have a lot of controllers.

This is about 1/4 of what I have. Just what is close to my desk to do quick tests. But when I just want to fly around in MSFS, kill some aliens in Elite Dangerous or something like that I mostly default to the Saitek.

Mind you, we don’t even sell this anymore so it is a personal opinion.

Mathijs Kok

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Thats definitely been my experience. Buttons break or little joysticks start to drift. Like I said in my earlier post I’m really surprised there’s not a lot more on offer in the mid price HOTAS range. I would have thought that would be where the market is. People who want something a bit better than entry level stuff but who don’t want to spend a small fortune. It also seems that was is available has been around for quite a while without much change.

I have had an X56 for more than a year now, very happy with it. Its reasonably well built and feels solid, loads of buttons etc. I have just paired it with some Logitech pedals for a bit more realism as the twist is quite hard to use smoothly alongside other joystick control inputs.

I have it and it is very good, has lasted for quite awhile. I bought Honeycomb and use it as a back-up. Good Hotas

i have a very old x45 more than 10 years old easily and it still works fine !!
but i am not sure if the modern ones are made with the same durability,production
has become more expensive all the time and they cut corners to keep the price down.

Use my X56 for everything that has a flightstick and I think it’s quite good. Lots of buttons and switches, two mini-joysticks, two analogue wheels, two throttle axes. Four different springs for the joystick.
You can even take out the spring of the joystick when flying choppers.