Saitek x65f Joystick and throttle

Saitek X65f dont show in control list, and no control at all in game. Hope this is something that will be fixed in near future. Any pointers on how to fix???

Here same problem with CH flight yoke, Is in the controls in W10 but not in MSFS, so, also no controls in the sim

Are you able to setup your own settings? I talked someone through setting up an X55 Rino the other night.

Haven’t tried that yet, will report back

have sort of made it work manualy, but it’s reactions is very bad, and its pretty hard to set everything up you need

When you say reactions are bad, are you talking about the stick & flight controls? If so check that you assigned them to ‘axis’ and not just elevator up.

Have checked that. Response is not fluid, and throttle is completly off. If you look at the throttle settings while moving it, the bar moves all the Way up and Down again when you throttle up, and vs versa.

Did you ever get this sorted? I’m a new user,and my x65f is all over the place

No I didn’t. I endes up with a New joystick and throttle instead :confused:

Ah bummer!

I got mine working finally! 70536 x64 drivers are working great.

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