Saitek Yoke and TPM quadrant

I have the Logitech Saitek Yoke and Throttle quadrant pair.

I have installed a Leo Bodnar A/D converter card into the aileron and elevator axes.

I am simulating a Cessna 172.

I am using the T (Left) quadrant as the Throttle with a home made cranked extension to get the correct distance from the centre quadrant which I am using as the Mixture.
The right most quadrant also with a cranked extension to simulate distances, I am using for Flaps.

I had this on ‘Flaps -100% to +100%’. It worked when I was flying using the monitor but did strange things when in VR with Reverb G2. 0 flaps was fine. 10 degs flaps was fine. 20 Degs flaps was fine. When moving the quadrant to full for full flaps, the flaps flickered to full and then went to zero.

After much trial and error, I got the set-up working by assigning the same axis to ‘Flaps Increase’ in parallel with the first binding.

There is a YouTube Video on installing the Leo Bodnar card into the Saitek yoke. This mod eliminates the central dead zone inherent in the Saitek firmware.
My whole hearted recommendations on this mod.

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