Salty 747-8 mod

I have the 0.4.0 version of this mod, and every time I’m on the localizer and I initiate the “approach” mode, the plane starts to go down but after a few second it goes wild and pitch right down until it crash or I take control of it!!!
Anybody else has this issue with this mod? Is it the mod or the Asobo software issue?
Is there forums or discord for this “salty 747” mod?

I did a flight yesterday and i didn’t have this problem, kinda strange to say the least.

Are you using the DEV or stable?

I use the Dev one

This could be why as I use the stable one!!
I will try the dev today, hope it will work. I enjoy flying the big one (747)!!

Ye try this, actually the only “important” thing who’s missing is the speed restrictions, you’ll have to manage the speed manually.