Salty 747 FMC issue

Getting the following issue with this Mods FMC, I am unable to use the last two rows of letters on the FMC, when the mouse is over any one of those letter it changes from a pointed finger to a flat hand and does nothing, anyone had this issue?.

Sorted this issue, if your looking at the left FMC then use the left arrow key to move the unit towards the left , if its too near the speedbrake lever then you will only get the flat hand icon, not the pointed finger.

Using V3 of this mod, having the following issues, can not switch on the FD, neither the left or the right switches are working. 1st officer ECAMS are dead, nothing displaying at all. abandoned flight !.

Sorry, I meant the PFD Screens not the ECAMS.

Are you talking about the aisle screens? If yes, turn up the screen brightness of the panels. It’s an Asobo bug. Sometimes the screens just “turn off” randomly when you pass from night to day.

No the 1st officers PFD screens

Further to my two previous entries on the 747, Salty mod removed, and loaded default 747, guess what, still no operable FD switch, still no 1st Officer screens, what the hell is going on with this simulator, which by all the presale hype was supposed to be the ultimate flight simulator. I have said this before and I will say it again, there are of us out there, who like me paid the top price, and who like me feel we have sadly been duped. Come on Asobo, start taking some responsibility and pull your finger out of where ever it is and sort these issues out.

While there are issues to be resolved, and I’ve always felt that the sim was rushed to the market in a semi-finished state, it is far from rubbish. I have been simming since the VIC-20 days and never thought that I’d see something like this. It simply has no competition.


I understand you frustration with the tubeliners. Fortunately there ARE good mods out there and Asobo is working with teams like FlyByWire to improve the issues.

IMHO it is undeniable that with the current state of affairs the sim’s best features are GA aircraft, VFR and visuals with complex systems and complex aircraft lacking behind.

However … the default aircraft in MSFS always were rather basic, so I never expected the 747 or the 787 to be on a level with high-quality 3rd party developers. Also a large number of buyers wouldn’t even go that kind of realism. They wouldn’t know what to do with it.
Same goes for the scenery. Many of the so-called “hand-crafted” airports are quite underwhelming and far below in quality what you can buy or even get for free.

So I simply don’t think it’s realistic to expect the default aircraft to be that good. And most of them are really not bad at all. But after all the Deluxe Premium version costs only roundabout 120,- Euros or USD (while the 747-8 comes with the standard version for 69,-). One single high quality aircraft costs 20-50,- of the same currency. And since MSFS (Deluxe Premium) is coming standard with 30 aircraft PLUS all the whole rest of the simulator including scenery, airports etc etc etc … I just think we have to face facts: really really good planes will always remain the domain of the 3rd party developers. The important thing IMHO is that the sim itself is even capable of producing a realistic simulated experience:

  • physics
  • ATC
  • traffic

For me the default aircraft basically are (and always were) window-dressing. The only default aircraft that constantly was the most capable in every installation of MSFS I have used since the mid-80ies was the Cessna 172/182.

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Maybe it’s your finger which doesn’t know where it is, because the FD switch always worked on the (unmodified) 747.


I don’t agree and I don’t know what people are expecting.
If it’s the 747 or 787, I’m not encountering significant problems when flying these aircraft as planned from A to B.
They are miles ahead, not only compared to the VIC-20 (where I wrote my first flightsim on), but way ahead of FSX as well.

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In past sims, the default aircraft were barely flyable. That’s not the case here, and I have yet to buy a third-party aircraft. I fly mostly the smaller jets and the turboprops and, despite some remaining issues, I am happy with them.


That’s true of course.
And maybe I have overstated the “window-dressing” part a bit :slight_smile:

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Visually yes…The rest…sorry its at the bottom of the pile at the moment IMHO, but with a few minor fixes it will be top…but that’s up to ASOBO

Multiple issues were opened on the same topic by the OP; they have been consolidated into this this thread.

Hi just another question
snce the last dev updates I cannot load my flight plan from msfs world map anymore
any ideas anyone?

Its because they switched for WT’s FP.

Basicaly its “normal” and from now on you will have to enter your FP manualy

I kept the latest dev update and wont update anymore because of that

Well then I wont be using it. Pity addons move further away from integrating with the sim.

Sadly the base sim flight planner causes many issues. ASOBO need to fix it, that’s why dev’s move away from it, it is unrealistic and troublesome for Airliners.

with last dev release of salty i don’t have the flight plan line in VFRmap. Anyone with this issue?