Sandown Pier, Isle of wight ,UK released

Hi all,
another shameless plug for my scenery ! This time it is Sandown Pier on the Isle of wight, UK.



Has anyone done Sandown or Bembridge Airports yet ?

Thanks, another great addition. my community folder has more of your mods than anyone else and an essential part of flying along the UK coastlines. having spent many a misspent youthful hour hanging out in the arcade and the bar on Sandown Pier, I’m really pleased to see it make an appearance :slight_smile:

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They are on, but (and no offence to the creators) they arent great and I uninstalled them quickly. I’m hoping for a quality payware or freeware mod at some point (fingers crossed)

I first Soloed on “The Isle of Wight” out of Sandown Airport.
1st solo flight away from the Traffic Pattern, was a flight around the Island !!

It would very nostalgic to have the Island better represented in MSFS.


Waiting for the Needles

Needles + Lighthouse Needles Lighthouse (helipad) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Wow thank you I will take a look

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It is a shame, as the Needles mod doesn’t work for me. Messes the graphics up to a blurry mess and no lighthouse etc. Guess it isn’t compatable with update5:(

Do you know of any other Isle of Wight mods. I have Bembridge Ap, Sandwon AP, Binstead Ap and Freshwater

Hmm, not been there for a while but I’m fairly sure I’ve flown there since SU5 and it was fine. Will check again later and if its messed up for me as well I’ll contact the author.

There’s a possibility it’s not playing nicely with another of your mods.

Not sure about other IoW scenery I’m afraid.

I’ll private message you when I’ve tested it out. Best to leave this thread for the op’s scenery.

Lovely addition to the Isle :+1:

Many thanks. The comments always make the hours put in to make these worth while.

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