Santa Barbara Municipal Erroneous Aircraft on Final

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At Santa Barbara Municipal (KSBA) ATC controller says “follow aircraft on final”, but no traffic is present. Sometimes ATC controller says “go around”. ???

MSFS ATC is very buggy, unless you can see the reason and want practice go-arounds, just ignore.

As stated, ATC is whacky.

However, I’ve experienced a significant amount of that nonsense at KSBA, as well. Maybe there ís something going there…

Fellow KSBA flier, I’ve had this happen at a couple airports in the area. Oddly, I’ve also been told to hold at runways for aircraft on final only for said aircraft to never appear. I inch forward and eventually they just clear me to cross. It’s weird.

Going around, and around, and around…

Same ghost traffic on runway at KPSX.

ATC: “77Tango Hold Position”
Me: “Wilco”
-continues to taxi-
ATC: “77Tango Continue Taxi”
Me: “Wilco”


ATC: “77Tango Go Around”
Me: “Wilco”
-lands anyway-
ATC: “77Tango Clear the runway”
Me: “Wilco”
-taxis to parking-

It’s kinda fun actually… the only time you can completely ignore instructions from the tower, or Center while enroute. Makes me feel like James Dean… Rebel Without A Cause :slight_smile:


I love it when they want the 747 to stop for a car on the taxiway!