SAR: World Responders multiplayer event

Current shift: Cabo Verde

Welcome to the United Nations Search and Rescue

United Nations is looking for brave pilots to operate Search and Rescue operations. Your job, together with the other operators and rescue team on the aircraft carrier UNS HOPE, will be to find and rescue lost souls around the world. You’ll be searching areas of interest, looking for lost ships, planes, and people. You will communicate with HEADQUARTERS and the other operators. You’ll solve riddles and be part of the investigation. You will actively participate in rescue operations. Are you ready for this challenge? Then welcome aboard operator !!!

In this multiplayer event, you will be a pilot of a fictitious peacekeeping operation under the flag of the United Nations. The main element of the game is the search and rescue, which you will perform directly at MSFS. A custom scenery is created for this event, which includes several scenarios, such as sunken ships, crashed planes, and lost people. Your mission will be to fly in the world of MSFS, looking for these lost assets, based on information obtained from this channel and the operational map. After you’ve found them, you’ll complete various tasks on the spot to solve the case successfully. But there is more you can do at this event.

SAR event will take place on Flight Sim Break discord in SAR channel. More info on FSB.

You have to be running the Discord Desktop App before clicking the link, then the invite will work!