Savage Cub electricity turns off mid-flight

Hi all,

Haven’t seen this bug posted before so I thought I’d check if it’s an issue on my end. I’ve done two flights with the Savage Cub that both have had the same problem. Somewhere about 30 minutes into each flight usually around the time I begin initial descent into my destination the battery turns off. The radio and avionics stop working and they can’t be turned back on.
Since I’m flying VFR I am able to land fine without ATC, but it’s still a curious bug. Once on the ground when I turn off the engine, I find that I can’t start it again which tells me it must be bugged. Anyone else seen this?

I’ve had this happen a few times, and it’s probably two things.

  1. You haven’t turned on the alternator, and drained your battery.
  2. You do have the alternator on, but you have left your lights on, as well as the starter motor.

It seems in case 2 the power draw is sufficient to still drain the battery, even if the alternator is on. This happened to me once, and I flipped off the lights and starter, and after a few seconds the avionics came back.

Oh wow, thank you! OK yes, I don’t have the alternator on and I had my strobe lights on the whole flight.
Well… this is embarrassing… I guess this resolves the “bug” :slight_smile:

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Also it would be nice if the plane had a gauge for battery level… Maybe it does already?

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No worries. :smile:

I don’t think it does, but I might be able to make one. If the battery level is exposed in SimConnect, I should be able to get SPAD to display that on my Saitek radio panels. I should be able to see the power draw that way, if nothing else then to satisfy my curiosity. :wink:

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