Savage Cub Engine Fix

I created a simple mod to fix the Savage Cub engine which is completely wrong.
The default implementation has a 2.0L (!) while in reality it should have a 1.2L Rotax 912UL with 80hp.
I basically copy pasted the Supralight CTLS engine, which is modeled precisely as a Rotax 912ULS with 100hp.
With some very minor tuning now the Savage Cub flies much more realistically, no more 180kph speeds at 50% throttle or 1500ft/min climb speeds.
As a final note, replacing engine and propeller also fixed the broken CHT and Oil Pressure gauges.

happy landings.


Cool, it did feel like a rocket ship before… although fun, not so realistic.

Thank you very much for your fix. The little cub did seem a little overpowered.

One Question: The RPM gauge in external HUD view is completely of now, I would say it shows half the RPM it should. Is there any chance of getting this fixed? I tried to find something in the cfgs myself, but could not.

Glad you enjoy it.

As for the RPM indicator in the external view, I did not notice the problem because I have all those external gauges disabled (they ruin my immershun)
Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix those external gauges. My best guess is that the problem is not related to the cfg files but to the specific RPM gauge.

I’ll add your feedback to the download page and warn users about it, thanks!

I see, thanks for the hint. Maybe I can figure it out.

anybody use this mod with the working title gx mod

I use the working title mod but it has no relation to the Savage Cub panel as far as I know.

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looks like the gx mod alpha 7 was built in conjunction with bll specifically for the cub, unless im reading something wrong

that’s the XCub, not the Savage. :wink:

oh boy, thats twice ive proved myself illiterate my bad dude guess that means ill start using it

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The implementation choosen by Asobo is “Powered by a 100-hp Rotax 912 S engine, the Savage Cub flies faster and farther than many neighbors in the category, and requires less distance for takeoff or landing …” as stated in the specs (enter your hangar and check yourself).

And it will never reach a speed of 180 mph on 50% power, even not at 100%. It will disintegrate before. I assume you misinterpreted the units. Never exceed speed is 128 mph (equals 111 kts or 206 km/h). At 2000 ft in level flight you may reach only 102 kts at full power.

I agree that the climb rate is a bit +. But according to the manufacturer 1000 ft/min at 60 kts is normal climb rate.

Regarding all this i would qualify the mod as a castration of that fun craft.


Yeah, have to agree with OldBoldPilot811 here. The ASI is clearly marked as KMH, not knots, and the engine version used is clearly stated in the hanger.

There may be things that need fixing with the Savage Cub, but if so, they need to be based around a proper understanding of what is being modelled.


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armchair pilots will always have their opinions :wink:

I have this checked by a close friend who tows gliders using a savannah CP (rotax 912 engine on that one as well).

it’s all ok. don’t like it, don’t use it. as simple as that.

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It isn’t ‘opinion’ that the airspeed indicator is reading in KMH. It is demonstrable fact, as can be verified multiple different ways.

If people want to use this mod, fine. They should however be aware that it is based on a misunderstanding.


you are making a theatrical drama out of a typo.

get some tea, breathe and relax.

I’d have hoped that anyone wishing to release a mod for public use would be willing to engage in a civilised conversation about a possible issue with it. That certainly seems to be the case with most of the larger team-effort mods that have been released, where those behind the mod have been actively encouraging comments and suggestions. Why are you so reluctant to do the same, and actually discuss the point being raised, rather than trying to deflect criticism?


But still you don’t edit the typo.
There is another one, the default implementation has a 2.0L engine

Typos make people mistrust the mod …

the typos were fixed. rivet counters will live in peace now.

Yes, armchair pilots rivet counters happy :joy: