Save a different Callsign for each aircraft 🛫

Would it be possible to save tail number per plane?

Usually I fly with 4 planes: DR400 (VFR), DA40 (IFR), DA62 (IFR icing conditions) and A320 (IFR commercial) all of them using their real tail numbers.

Not possible… only saves it globally for all so far that I have found

You can save it on the Livery level as well. But you need to edit aircraft.cfg file for it to work.

This is why this is in the wishlist section :slight_smile:

But this option is annoying to do this when you are using mod with a lot of delivery, no ? each time it will erase you change?

If you leave the Tail Number in the ATC option as Empty. It will automatically use the one in the Livery aircraft.cfg. So you don’t need to change everytime. You just need to change livery to another airline, and the tail number will follow whichever one the livery is set.

But for example if you are using DA40NGX mod or DA62NG mod (both very good mods by the way) the aircraft config is embedded in the mod so for each release you have to re-edit the aircraft config file, it is possible but not straight forward.

Yeah, that’s why I keep it in the livery level. As long as the livery is not part of the aircraft itself. The sim takes the tail number based on the order of preference. Starting from the top:

  1. ATC Option in the sim World Map flight planner.
  2. Livery aircraft.cfg
  3. Aircraft aircraft.cfg

So if you have no Tail number in the ATC option, it will take from the livery. If the livery doesn’t have the tail number, it will take it from the aircraft.

So as long as you have a separate livery, one that is static. Meaning it doesn’t get updated regularly. It doesn’t matter how often you update the aircraft. As long as the livery is separate and untouched, the tail number will stay.

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Fully agree with you, but all of this is workaround so this request in the wishlist section to get this functionality in the sim. If you agree please vote on the top :slight_smile: