Save aircraft configuration from flight to flight

When I put in the tail number, it works for that flight only. I’d like it to work always, saving that setting to the aircraft configuration file and loaded next time I choose that aircraft. Same with the livery, when there are more than one, reselecting that same livery that was chosen the last time the aircraft was chosen. In fact, any configuration change made during the aircraft selection GUI should be retained for the next load of that aircraft.


Absolutely true. Don’t know why such basic things aren’t yet implemented after all these months of alpha and beta testing. It would be perfect to have 5 slots per plane to save different configurations (livery a with tail number a, livery b with tail number b etc.). at least be able to keep the configuration of the last flight…


Totally agree such a basic and nifty thing would be an essential. Within those aircraft configuration files there should also be the option if the aircraft displays and gauges are using the Metric System or Imperial (KG vs LB, Liter vs Gallons and Millibar vs InHg).

Plus some global aircraft config file slots which applies those settings to all aircraft.

(PS: I like the way X-Plane 11 does it with Key Bindings and Controls, you can save multiple profiles and the profile you use with a certain aircraft will be called up automatically next time when you load that aircraft. But you can also change the settings or choose another profile any time. It could be done similarly in MSFS about all aircraft specific settings)

I can’t even figure out how to change the tail number? I think I’m blind? Can you explain how to do it? Through the My Hangar I’m

You are definitely right that it needs to save if you change it. And the idea of a few slots would be great to have a few alternates

when selecting an aircraft, the tabs under the mini-display of the selected aircraft…

liveries, weight & balance, failures and ATC OPTIONS. in ATC OPTIONS you’ll find TAIL NUMBER, call sign, flight number, append heavy to call sign and SHOW TAIL NUMBER

i put the important bits in capitals for GA aircraft…you want the number to show on the fuselage, you want N434PH as the Tail Number (which shows on the placard in the cockpit as well as on the fuselage)…

those settings should be saved from flight to flight…

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Agree ! Would be a nice option to speed up things.

Just an idea (didn´t tried it by myself, yet)
What happen if a flight with all tailnumber, regs, main airport etc. had been saved? Like in the FSX, so that everything is the same, everytime like the user wish to have his sim started…
Will FS2020 reset all back to standard, or load the flight like saved?

yup…it goes back to not entered so it’s default if you don’t change it again and again…all aircraft tail numbers will be ASXGS unless changed

I think if you save a flight, which you can do from within the Main Menu ONLY when you have chosen a Departure and Destination, then your entered Data from the ATC Menu will be saved as well.

I just have saved a flight from within the Menu and i can read the following in the saved *.FLT File:
Sim=DV20 Asobo

But if you don’t SAVE/LOAD a flight but just fire up the Sim, those fields are always blank or default.