Save extended screen configurations

I will have a suggestion to make to Asobo, if he could implement an option so that we can save the exact placement of our extended screen to avoid having to replace it at each start of flight in the squares, That would save a lot of time To all home builders. Thanks

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There are already wishlist items for this if you search the forums.

In the meantime, check out MSFS Pop Out Manager, works awesome. Remembers screen sizes, locations and pops them out automatically for you and puts them where you had them.

Must have for home cockpit builders using pop outs, I have 8 on the CRJ900 and this saves a TON of time.

Before this came around, we used PowerToys FancyZones.

It still works as well, but Pop Out Manager has more features.

thank you very much i will go check it out

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