Save favourite airports

Be great in the airport selection screen that as well as history you could save your own favourite airports to quickly go to on the map

So I’ve been flying around different places the world and I wish there was a way that you could “favourite” airports and even custom markers so you can find them again easily. This might be something where no matter how far you zoom out they stay visible and maybe also have a symbol next to them for easy finding.

This sounds like something that’s probably already in the game but I can’t seem to find it, so if you know how please let me know!


I also want this, perhaps something like this in the Airport list:


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Add airports to favorites. I want to be able to save airports to find them more easily. (also creating sections/groups etc)


Would also be useful if the number of recent airports was greater than 3.


That would be great :+1:t2:

Is there or could there be a favourite airport list that we can just pick our departure and destination points from rather than typing or searching through the extensive list. If there is a way already my apologies and how is it done.

The world map is very awesome, and is a more intuitive way to find a starting point in the world than X-Plane’s.

However, if we find an airport we want to visit in the future, we have to find that exact spot in the world, or write it down on paper somewhere. Can we please get some sort of favorites list? It would be nice to be able to right-click on an airport and add it to a list. That way, if we check it out, like it, and want to go back into it in the future, we could simply go to our favorite airports list and find it.


Just keep a list in Notepad (or similar) - cut-paste … make it what you watt … add comments , sort … make it YOUR OWN, and what you think you need.

Look, I understand the point of view, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a lot of other feature requests?

That’s my wish also. I’d add all my payware stuff so one can quickly find those on the map. Now I have to use Google Earth first where I have such a list. I’m surprised more people don’t want this.

Would be nice.

The current work around is save a flight plan (or flight in your normal plane instead) at each of your favourites.

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I see the simplest way of doing this would be for Asobo to introduce a pin on the map of some sort, to mark the last, say, 10 airports that you have visited.

Hi MS/Asobo Team,

I would recommend to add a ‘Favorites’ Feature to the World Map View.
I always have some airports I would like to access quickly and bookmark for future flights.

Step 1: Search for an Airport on the world map.
Iin addition to the current options:

  • Add as Destination
  • Add as Destination
  • Zoom for Details
    another option to ‘Add to Favorites’ should be shown.

Once a Airport has been added, it should be selectable next to ‘History’ and ‘Recommended Airports’.

If a Airport has been added to the Favorites List, when selecting the airport again, (same as step1), the option ‘Remove from Favorites’ would then be available.

Thanks for your consideration.


Still no option for this, sadly :frowning:

Vote up from me, would seem a simple but very useful little addition, I have loads of sticky notes strewn over my desk and lost down the back somewhere with faded scribblings on about great locations to revisit.