Save flight doesn't work anymore?

Did anyone else notice that after saving your flight in the air or on the ground, the sim started to crash to the desktop ? Anyone else has this issue ?

The same happens to me since update#5.

I save a “backup-point” every now and then during my flights, just in case a get a CTD during flight, so I can continue at a point close to where I was. That doesn´t work anymore, I get an almost instant CTD while loading.

It only happens to saved flights, but not to flight-plans. I can still load a flight plan, select an intermediate waypoint, and fly from there, so I have somewhat of a workaround.

I just noticed that if it’s the default planes then it saves fine, however if i used an airplane that was modified or has custom paint work it’s just crash to the desktop.

You will also find that when saving you can not access the time and weather setting icon after loading the save on the top menu, the cloud icon is greyed out
Been reported numous time but being ignored