Save flight, what gets saved?

In the good old days fsx or whatever, I used to save a flight with everything and reload to start from the same point with the same settings. Doesn’t seem to be the same with msfs. So I select my departure point, aircraft get in the configuration I want then set the wind to 230 7kt gusting 12kt exactly as I wanted. When load that flight next day, its put me on different runway weather not what I set aircraft in basic take off config, which isn’t what I set.

Am I doing something wrong?

A misfunktion since launch of MSFS. Whether not adjustable, ATC not working (only sometimes suddenly later during flight), Tool Bar not shown (only sometimes)…

Reported so many times but always under different tags.

Still nothing in the MSFS improvement lists. Not understandable for me.


Saved flights seems to be completely broken.

The problem I had was I saved a flight at the end so I could continue a tour. When I loaded the flight I was in the right position but as soon as I clicked on FLY NOW I was teleported back to the airport I started the flight from previously.

also saved flight would disable the weather setting. So you can’t change the weather. There is a work around for that to remove the weather settings in the .flt config file.

That totally sucks. How about 3rd party? Any help there?

The other issue with save / load flight is when in VR. The host PC shows the open file dialog in modal mode, but in VR thats meaningless and so the whole thing jams up. You can’t easily fix the problem because the keys to exit VR don’t work because the dialog is modal. You can win-tab key and then close the dialogue on the host pc - but it looks like it just hasn’t been thought about.

Starting your flight from where you left off - same aircraft, same scenery etc. will potensially destract you from investing money at the Marketplace.
And I would’nt be surprised if a future sim update starts to suggest 3rd party content when you use the “Departure” and “Arrival”. This would trigger a lot of users to buy detailed airports and even a new aircraft for their flight that day.
MSFS2020 must rely on being an adventuros escape from reality for the broad masses. All the tell-tell signs for that strategy is present, their heavy focus on Xbox-platform being one.
Not saying any of this is wrong, Im sure a lot people are happy. For myself, being an avid simmer for almost 40 years I had tremendous expectations to this release. And I havent popped the champagne just yet :wink:

Well they pretty much do that windows windows s(hit) version of the office apps; want to save you changes, the buy this subscription…

I don’t really have a problem with that. But this idea that open source is cr@p because its not finished and has no direction… well… its not just open source is it?

I am approaching my 50s, and Im old enough to appreciate that software once used to be something you physically installed on your harddrive - and it worked right out of the box. Modern software is subscription and rental, and you need to be online, logged in and prepared to digest a constant stream of updates and fixes. It all adds up to costing more over time.
When Im gone the new generations wont remember anything else. The software companies will have won.

I just learned about the save flight last night too. Seems the save flight with MSFS 2020 is mocking the way X Plane 11 save flight works. If this is true, there will never be a fix to it. I seriously got a response back from X Plane about the save flight in comparison to how it saves in FSX. They told me to get over it basically because real pilots just can save their flights and go to bed. I’m fine with this because I know X Plane is probably the truest to life sim there is on the face of the planet, but MSFS 2020 should at least make the save feature as it was in FSX.

This isn’t by accident and its not just software. In the 70’s 80’s 90’s the music and film industry tried everything under the sun to get annuity about of their products. They didn’t think you should own anything and kept trying to make it like a license for them to charge you for the same thing again and again - I always felt that was greedy because these things and software have 0 duplication costs.

Anyway 20 years on and now instead of collecting content we are collecting streaming / subscription services. So they win and obviously it costs you a lot more, but at the same time as a proportion of what we spend on entertainment nothing really changed.

I just looked at my Flight simulator 2 which ran on the Atari XE - I cannot believe that I used to be so content with that. Its 8 colours, 1 frame per second and 120 x 160 pixels. And yet I was.

Its funny to be an old ■■■■ like me and to see people complaining about a slight drop in frame rate from 60 to 58 in 4k! The difference is now I can afford my own plane!

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