Save / Load a Flight (including Flight Plan) - MSFS Flight Planner functionality

Thank you.
I am no xbox s.
Yes I use something like this.
I do use “quick resume”. Xbox is keeping state of the game written in its memory.
It will launch the sim as i left it previous day.
It is feature that saves me from broken function of save/load game feature.

How ever. It will not let me create IFR plan. Unless I quit a game and create new from free flight. And nothing like state if the aircraft all systems switches and goes into default. What is silly. And if I was parked on some no mans land from yesterday position. Like a lake or on a snow near some building etc. it just will not let me put the aircraft anywhere that.
There is just so many “why the f i cannot do that?” and “asobo micr you dont care and lie” in a game that i better dont play it now much.

Sorry for so long writing and for my frustrated sentences. It has nothing to do with you of course.
Please have a nice day
Fila Kyle

Sorry, I do not use XBOX.

Enyone on Xbox using “quick resume”?
as loading the saved game if bugged.

I always do. I love it will put me back into my set up aircraft as i left it yesterday.
( Could be on some distant lake after some great long flight)
But it is not working often and it will just launch game into main screen.
I understand when there is game update involved, ok?

Byt why it is not working always when no update was resived or i did everything the same as day before when it worked? It looks like random to me now. Or it making me mad that another feature is bugged! Got mad here.
Please if anyone know what is the trick in it?

Good flying

Thank you for best tip of the day. I never thought about putting the computer it in sleep mode. Many times I often pause the sim when I get called for dinner or have to pop out to the shops for an hour or two, or goto bed for the night. This saves on electricity too.

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It’s not good to put your game on quickresume mode. Have you check Location Manager on the Marketplace ? It should have features you’re searching for. Be sure to watch the tutorial video on youtube.

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Thank you.
I will sure check marketplace for this tool.
I was in a ln impression there are only aicrafts, airports, etc on xbox marketplace.
Thank you

You’re welcome my friend. From what i see it’s not exactly a plug and play tool, it has a bit of learning curve. But basically you can save a location on the map and than start from there next time. There’s some limit to it, so be sure to check his videos to have a good understanding of what you’re eventually buying. Hope it helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hallo Vivianses,
I am checking that Position Manager now.
Thank you again for Your suggestion.
Could I please ask you?
Would you know how to filter search for such an interesting tools on market place?

I never knew how to do it. I miss this category option in their market place.

Just write “Location Manager” on the search bar of the marketplace and you’re done. :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it. Thank you a lot

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FStarter24 and FlightSave from rksoftware have implemented the Save/Load Flights function so you can see and pick up any saved flights from a map.
For VFR flight with no flightplans or for PMDG 737 flights which also load the flightplan into the CDU, it works just fine. User can also select weather profiles and time.
For other airplanes the Save/Load of .FLT works, but PLN will not load. Hopefully, Save/Load a Flight including PLNs will be fixed when MSFS2024 is launced with its Commercial Career Mode.

It’s just completely broken since SU15. Saving a flight is easy. Although you can’t change weather and time if you load back in(sucks). On the other hand, when I try saving and loading with PMDG, it puts me in the right location in the world but starts me on the ground. Even if I save it at cruise altitude. Absolutely broken since 15.

Well the talk of the next reiteration of MSFS is exciting but I won’t be purchasing until this issue is fixed because it’s just plain stupid an important element in any game software like this is so neglected. Up til now I’ve been fortunate I do only short flights because of time constraints. When I became aware of this a short time ago I thought surely there is a remedy. Even purchased some flight saving software and to me it’s a worthless purchase without this working properly. So no 2024 version if this isn’t proved to be working. What’s the point of purchasing a second faulty product like this?

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Given the functionality of FS2024, specifically the get out of the aircraft and walk around, I would like there to be a function whereby, I can land, taxi, park and get out of my aircraft, after which I can save that “Situation File”.

My next FS session, I should then be able to load the situation file, or select Resume and be teleported to the exact location where I left the last session, with the aircraft exactly how I left it.

My simming involves predominantly flying GA singles or light twins in “Around the World” flights. The above scenario would work perfectly for me.

Are there any others who would be interested in similar functionality?

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