Is there no way to save or load a flight in progress?

You should be able to save and/or load flights in progress. Start by opening up your menu Esc, then look towards the bottom of your screen for the Save/Load button (I believe it is Space).

The only options I see are Resume, Restart, and Main Menu

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That’s right, saving a flight is possible. The problem is that loading a saved flight is impossible… Each time I try to load a flight, I have a CTD, and I am not the only one in that case.

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I have saved and loaded flights but the drawback is once you load the weather is locked and from what I’ve seen it reverts to clear and sunny.

You can also save just a flightplan from the main flight planning window once you have your plan setup. It will load in the various apps out there that support fsx. Only thing is it will say the aircraft performance is off and the cruise alt will be off, at least it does in Littlenavmap

I have a progress saved but I can’t load the progress again the game crashes after that…Hope they solve this too.