Save my Weather

it appears adventurous to create one’s perfect weather situation and once it is achieved, it will be lost again when quitting the flight.
Kindly requesting to add a saving functionality for customer weather settings.
mulitple savings should be allowed for the reason of designing one for specific regions, such as Caribbean, Britain, etc., and when starting a flight, user should be able to load these.
Thank you.

Can you not just create your own preset and save it/reload the next time you fly?

can you? did you check?

I did. I’ve set a few up mainly for photos and for practicing tricky landings.

You can do it from the menu page or in game if you are not using multi-player (where you have to have live weather).

aaah, that is the button omg. i knew it’s gotta be somewhere.
hey thank you so much.

seeing in your video that the trees in fact move? wow, that suspends my other
requests then :slight_smile:

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Ha, no problem. Have fun with it. :grin:

Yes, trees and even long grass move in strong wind/gusts. E.g. start of this video:

would be interesting to see them responding to flyby or flyover, thinking of a helicopter landing in between trees getting grass, trees, water pushed away with its downwash.

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Looks a bit like a sea moving - maybe they got the algorithm from that. Nice livery

just realized that saving custom weather allows multiple same name entries.
shouldn’t it overrite it?
also, the icons for saving or loading custom weather seem a bit **incomprehensive, it’s not clear which icon does what **
i recommend them to use windows standards as much as possilble for such graphic symbols. not sure which one is the save button really.

Hi there,
It sounds like you were able to achieve what you wanted in this topic. So I’m closing it. Please message me if I have misunderstood. Thank you!