Save Pop-out Window Locations

I’m surprised this topic has taken this long to be brought forward, but here goes. There are many topics covering pop-out window features for various windows, but none where their base functionality is the same.

I’d like to have any popped out windows locations saved, on a per-aircraft basis as obviously a A320 doesn’t have a GNS530 and the C172 doesn’t have an EICAM/PFD/ND. This would also apply to ATC, weather and any other windows that pop out from the base sim screen. Save their locations and on loading the aircraft, the windows would auto-pop-out and move to their locations on the desktop they last were loaded into.

Also, all windows would need to have their window titles match the popout display name as well as have a borderless mode ideally for cockpit builders.

its been discussed many times. Pop Out work is coming, its a bit more niche, for home cockpit builders. Pop Out your PFD and study it, maybe soonish we will see Popout instruments in the form of browser apps over a network. that works very well, check out SkyElite and try their demo, its an elegant solution with no accompanying frame rate hit.

yeah, that doesnt work for my seneca cockpit…gns530, gns430, wx radar and transponder all need popout and positioned for each flight…

Professional cockpit builders have already created their own proprietary mod that does this. Such feature is essential for building something at the FNTP grade.
And not only that.
For example it’s also required that the all the essential instrument pop-outs get focused immediately by the OS of the machine that’s rendering them. They always need to automatically get placed at XYZ,d1/XYZ,d2/XYZ,d3/etc predefined positions - that small “d1/d2/d3/…” is the display ID, so when the simulator is started for the training session every pop-out is precisely within their small screens with custom designed or market bezels together with switches/knobs/buttons that are interfaced with the simulator core and mapped so that they operate those pop-out instruments properly and symmetrically interact with the simulator.

But you never know how some specific custom created WASM instrument pop-out is interfacing with the OS input layer - meaning - does it need to also come into focus right away in order to receive inputs !

Especially if it is a touchscreen display with a touchscreen-based instrument pop-out…and whether if its on the display hooked to the GPU of the machine that also runs the sim, or if it’s on another machine connected to the main machine via NDI, VBAN, TCP, UDP or whatever network and service protocols…and interfaced via SimConnect, FSUIPC, WideFS, HTTP, Garmin, Mobi, Brunner or whatever software protocols with the aircraft systems in simulation.

All those factors and more have to be precisely designed and tested for an aircraft the one is building a physical cockpit for (again, FNTP and up to FTD grade cockpit).
So, there are solutions for how to also accomplish all those additional and complex details in order to make some bad**s instrument pop-ups. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to add that per aircraft actually means per aircraft and not per instrument type like xplane11 does it. Meaning just because I placed the location of the g1000 PFD and mfd for one aircraft do not assume I want the g1000 for a different aircraft in the same location because I may not. Many aircraft use units such as the g1000, gns etc and I need to place them in different locations for different aircraft. I also will not require every popout available so it would need to only remember the ones I previously popped, sized and located.

This is a big deal for me. I would love to see it soon.

I think this is absurd that they haven’t addressed this issue. It takes me so long to reposition pop out windows that I have gone back to xplane11. Asobo doesn’t seem to be concerned with the requests of serious simmers.