Save sensitivity settings for wireless controllers?

Would it be possible in the future that the sim saves the sensitivity settings for wireless controllers?

I use the Wireless XBox controller for Windows to control the drone camera. The problem is that it has a very twitchy nearly none-existent dead zone that I need to counteract with increasing the dead zone to around 85% so it doesn’t interfere with the actual controls when flying.

Unfortunately I have to set the 4 dead zones for the thumb sticks every time I connect the controller with the sim already running. And even when I remember to connect the controller before launching the sim, sometimes the settings aren’t the same as before.

it does save the settings.

You just need to rename the profile and make sure the controller is always plugged in and activated before you launch MSFS.

If you activate the controller while MSFS is already running, it resets the settings. Just never activate the controller when MSFS is running, always before that.

It’s not great, but this way it at least works.

don’t use the controller wireless, it turns off after 15 minutes if no button is pressed, then you can’t activate it again in MSFS wirhout the settings being resetted. Better use a cable.

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But that’s what I’m saying. I know the settings are still there, when I remember to activate the controller before launching the sim. And I do have saved a separate profile for the contoller. But why do I have to remember it beforehand and why does it lose the settings in the first place?

Sometimes I don’t want to activate the contoller before launching the sim, because I don’t want to use the controller right away. It’s a wireless controller and it uses up battery. So, in order to retain the sensitivity settings I have to remember to activate it before launching the sim, but then, once the sim is loaded, switch the controller off again until I want to use it, to save the battery. But since the XBox Controller has no Off switch, I have to physically remove the battery and put it back in (wear and tear), or wait 15 minutes until it turns off on its own (uses up battery life unnecessarily).

It’s simply very inconvenient and makes no sense either. What’s so hard about just permanently saving the sensitivity settings for the profile until I change them or reset them to default?

And again I have to wonder? Why even defend an issue and argue against a simple fix that would make things easier for everyone?

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I am also experiencing this and it’s a nightmare. I have just forked out $4k for a PC that can run FS2020 (albeit still a little disappointingly) and I don’t want to immediately have to go and buy flight controllers when I already have to Xbox controllers. It boggles my mind that software developers can not fix some very simple tasks.

Right now Flight Simulator is still very much a lipsticked-pig. Hoping the Xbox release will change things…

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$4k for a dedicated MSFS PC and not a single $ for a cheap joystick?
This doesn’t make any sense to me.

On top of the inability to save the sensitivity settings for wireless controllers reliably another problem was (re)introduced with Sim Update 4. Now there is a very high chance of experiencing a CTD when the wireless controller connects/disconnects while the sim is running. That problem already existed once, almost a year ago, but was fixed back then. Well, it’s back now.

Guess I will just have to get a good old cabled XBox Controller to get rid of all these problems.

I don’t want cheap and this doesn’t take away from the fact that MS/Asobos’s QC process is abysmal

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you really need better controllers, ther eis no way you cna really finecontrole the aircaft with the controller, its for arcadeplayers.

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I am aware of that but that is not the point