Saving an individual seat position in the cockpit for every aircraft

In the cameras.cfg there is a viewpoint section. Just shift it around, I believe it‘s in feet.decimals. Could be meters, but just try it out. First value is right/left, second forward/backwards, third up/down.

Here we go.

Locate the custom camera.cfg file in the folder (similiar like: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SimObjects\Airplanes) of the plane of your choice and delete it (or move it to an other location). Otherwise it is to confusing to locate your preferred view. I will use the flysimware_Cessna_414A folder as example. Go to your simulator and make a new custom view that you want to be default at startup and save it CTRL+ALt+1.
Go to your installed aircraft folder and locate the camera.cfg file (similar like: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Community\flysimware-aircraft-cessna-414a\SimObjects\Airplanes\flysimware_Cessna_414A). Make a copy in a safe place and open the file in your aircraft folder. You wil see many camera definitions. Locate the definition Title =“ClosePilot” which is your default. Now open in the custom camera location the new camera.cfg file. You wil see 1 entry with several lines of code. You only need three lines: InitialZoom, InitialXyz and InitialPbh. Zoom wil be clear to you, xyz are left/right, up/down and to the front/to the rear (in feet from the standard position) and pbh are pitch, bank and heading (in degrees). Copy those three lines of code and replace them in your aircraft folder camera file in the definition Title =“ClosePilot” (probably [CAMERADEFINITION.1] and save the file. Launch the simulator and check if you are satisfied with the result. You can change all the camera definitions like this and access them through the hat-switch or CTRL+1,2,3 etc. Just make those custom camera defenitions first and then replace the values for zoom, xyz and pbh in the aircraft camera file. The definitions are recognized by SubCategory=“Instrument” and SubCategory =“Pilot”. SubCategory =“QuickView” is for looking around and Category =“FixedOnPlane” is obvious. If you are not satisfied, switch Developer Mode to on, change the views and reload the aircraft from the dropdown menu to see the results. This should do it.

I’ll add, updating the above camera.cfg is a great way to go, especially for VR flying. VR requires more tweaking than typical 2D.

If you load a custom camera position there are many interactions in the sim that will put you back into the airplane’s default. With the default set that no longer happens.

It would be a great feature if the sim allowed for saving the default camera.

Well, were my instructions of any use?

It would be a great feature if the sim allowed for saving the default camera.

I fiddled with the camera.cfg files and changed the default view and instrument views to my liking. I also saved them as a new mod for every plane I fly. That way my views don’t get overwritten when an update gets released.

That there isn’t an easy way to change the default pilot view is probably an oversight of Asobo. Actually there are shortcut keys for changing the VFR, IFR and landing view (they are unbound by default) but not the default pilot view, which is strange and doesn’t make sense. There is also a shortcut for ‘Save Home cockpit view’. I don’t know what that’s supposed to do though.

I could be wrong, but I think that’s for home cockpit builders.

Yeah, but it doesn’t do anything.

Thank you for your contribution :+1: But since then I haven’t been to the gaming pc to try it out… :wink:

Do the following:

  • assign a keybind for the command “Save VFR View”. I chose Ctrl+Alt+V
  • do what the others described above for your preferred view and recall it with Alt+1
  • use the keybind you set before to “Save VFR View”

Then when you enter your aircraft the view will always be exactly the one you saved with Alt+1.

The most reliable method is to create a community mod package of a modified cameras.cfg file for every aircraft you’d like. That way,

  1. you don’t have to mess with key binds and other keyboard stuff
  2. When the plane is updated, you don’t lose your mods to the cameras.cfg file.

It’s pretty straightfoward, similar to a livery, except, instead of a texture directory and aircraft.cfg file, you have a cameras.cfg file. Make sure the path after SimObjects\Airplanes matches that of the plane you are modding so the new cameras.cfg file replaces the original in the VFS.

It is a good idea to do a winmerge on the default cameras.cfg file with your file after each update to capture any changes.

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