Saving and Resuming Flights

It happens more times than not: I am two hours into a five hour flight and my XYL has a honey-do that just won’t wait. So I put the plane on autopilot and come back in an hour and find that I ran into a mountain or ran out of fuel.
Isn’t there any way to save a flight and come back and resume it hours (or days) later. Honestly guys, I could do this on my Sega-16 back in the eighties.


This would be so nice. I never do any flight more than 300 miles because i have (almost) no time for this. Time compression can help but this is another topic.

I am not sure if Asobo or 3rd party can save the state of a flight and load it later without running into issues (weather? traffic?..) but i support this idea.

It’s not perfect, but you can use the save function in the menu (I think it’s in the escape menu?). How well it works probably depends on the plane (especially for third-party ones), but when I last tried it it correctly saved my flight plan, position (including position in the flight plan, e.g. the correct leg was active), altitude and probably a lot more I didn’t notice (like radio frequencies, flaps, spoilers, gear and so on).
It didn’t work 100% though as there was some oddity with the altitude display going up and up to the correct value, despite the plane visually being at a fixed altitude.


It’s not really saving, but what I use if I have to temporarly interrupt a flight is
ESC, and click on LOAD (but not loading anything).
In this state CPU and GPU are at rest (meaning no fans noise) and very important the sim clock is stopped, wich is not the case with the “simple” pause.
If it’s for a longer time, I put my PC in Hibernate mode.
MSFS is complety restored after restarting at the point you leave it.
I just have to wait about 40/60 seconds for my Stream Deck, Logitech Multi Panel, VKB joystick and Saitek Quadrant returns to their previous state.
In this case of hibernation, one important thing is all these devices continues to be powered, or they will loose their state.
As they are on a powered USB hub it’s the case.

I can’t find “hibernate” on my computer. I do have the “sleep” mode but I don’t think that is the same thing. I am running Dell XPS 8940 with Windows 10 Pro.

If I remember well you have to activate it in the energy management (or something like so).
Search on Google you’ll find plenty of answers.
Edit: perhaps it’s not called hibernation. In my French Win10 it’s “veille prolongée”
Edit2 : I’ve found a tuto but it’s in French. Use a translator if you don’t read it.

Thanks so much PlumbGlue67. Google translate helped with the web site and I successfully added “Hibernate” to my power menu. BTW I am totally in awe of folks like you who are proficient in two languages. I have real problems with one.

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This is only a little part of my talents.
I can order a beer and saying “cheers” in at least 18 languages !

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I’m surprised to see that nobody asked you what an “XYL” is. I guess there are a lot more hams around here that I would have imagined. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does it work as you expected ?

Or they know how to use Goo…Bing.