Saving flight plan without saving aircraft as well

Hi everyone.

Does anyone know how to to save a flight plan without having to save the aircraft as well? This is to enable the FP to be used with any other aircraft.

I have save the flight as a ‘(name)FLT’ file but when itry to save it as a PLN file, it defaults to a ‘(name)FLT.PLN’ file.

Also, I cannot access the ‘store plan’ item in the G1000 as the ‘press cursor’ appears not to function.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Fly safely.

The flightplan is just a text file. You could probably load it and edit it.

Thanks for that. Interestingly, I was flying offline just now to see how it was and was able to save the flightplan to a *.pln file. Can’t do it when online though. Weird.

For me it saved two files .pln and .flt
One was like read only and the other i could edit.

Yes. I had that the first time but now I only get one lol.

No doubt it will get sorted eventually.

Fly safe.

When I load a saved flight I can change the aircraft. I wish it would reload cold and dark like I parked it though.