Saving fmc plans

Is it possible to save a plan manually put into the FMC… say as a company route?
Unfortunately I have input a flight plan only to have to abandon the flight for various reasons. It’s a pain having to input it all again if I want to do the flight again. The FMC in question is for the Citation.

The CJ4 or the Longitude?

Build it in Simbrief, or an EFB like Little Nav Map. You can load the Route Plans in the CJ4 from SB by using the IDX menu and specifying your Pilot ID. This is unique to the CJ4.

Both jets will also support EFB generated plans. Little Nav Map lets you export a file as an MSFS .PLN. Load that at the sim’s Flight Planning Page and Fly Now! it will get automatically loaded into the Longitude’s G3000 once you’re in-cockpit. For the CJ4, you use the Route Plan Recall function in the PL21 menu.

Thanks for reply.
It’s the CJ4.
I already use Little Nav Map but if I physically programme manually into the FMC I can’t seem to save it and recall it in Company Routes. Somewhere in the back of my mind I feel I was able to do it in FSX.

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