Scalpers Strike Again

Well the 5000 series CPU’s were bought up by the scalpers in a couple of hours. They are showing up on EBAY for 2x the price. Most are reserved units that the scalpers don’t even have in hand.
For those considering buying from a scalper, consider the AMD Warranty.
If you check the AMD site, you will find that the AMD warranty only applies to the original purchaser. If you get a scalped unit that doesn’t work or goes bad in a couple of months, good luck returning it.

Processors and Video cards are tied to the credit card of the purchaser. You will have to arrange to return it to the scalper and have them make the exchange. Good luck with that. In the end you could pay 2x for a part that cannot be returned.
It’s best to make them choke on it. I know that won’t happen and people will buy from them but buyer beware.

Good to know guess I won’t get my hands on one until next year!