Scenery Addons and Bridges (specifically, under them)

Do scenery addons (that have bridges) change your ability to fly under bridges or is that something that’s baked into the sim and can’t be changed?

If it’s baked into the sim, could it be changed by a DIY kinda person? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Many of them do allow you to fly under bridges. I’m not the person to ask how they do it mind, but I think it’s actually the road traffic that is the issue, you have to reduce that to none. But don’t quote me on that… :wink:

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That answer is good enough for me, thanks!

The packs of Bridges around New York by rkbridger at simMarket can be flown under. Traffic flows on those bridges. Some of the bridges give a crash sound when you fly under but you do not crash, some are perfect, you just fly thru. This seems to be a sim issue as some of the Asobo bridges eg. Brooklyn Bridge or Manhattan Bridge both give the crash sound and a shudder.

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Thanks for the insight!