Scenery Anomalies

I attach screenshots of default Nanaimo and one with Nanaimo Downtown addon. I notice this “melting” or distortion of a few sceneries and ask is this due to becoming incompatible or is there some other action I should be taking in the settings? Thankyou.

Raising LODs may help however I suspect this shot is from the very edges of a photogrammetry area and it will not have the same quality as the main coverage, some scenery producers will trim such areas but others might just let them be. There is no cure except to either turn off PG or just wait for better data to be updated to the sim’s servers.

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The top image looks like autogen, and the bottom PG. As already mentioned, not a lot we as end users can do to fix this.

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Thankyou. First one is just default 2020 and 2nd is with addon. Never had these issues with FSX anyone it’s a whole new ballgame. Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll have to get used to seeing this a lot if using PG I’m afraid, it never looks nice at close range but has a great effect at altitude. Trade offs are definitely made. It’d be great if the servers got an upgrade or something to help produce this more effectively.