Scenery Cache

Hi everyone.
I want to Create A Scenery Cache, But it seems there is a problem and the Cached regions option is not active. I do not know where the problem is? I took a pictures of the settings so that if anyone knows what the problem is, tell me please … Thank you

Hi @Bamzi6707!
On your first photo, see where it shows 0GB for Maximum Overall Cache Size? You need to change that 0 to a size. After that, the Create Cache will enable and then click on. That creates the cache file. From there, you can then start adding cache.

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Thanks . What number should usually be?

Depends on what area or areas you want to cache. But keep in mind your C: free space. Don’t let it get low. You could start with 50GB or 75GB.

You can change that location to another drive as well.

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20GB is supposedly enough, 30GB plenty.
I use 20GB, but I add specific cache area’s with large ‘low’ resolution caches. In my case 2/3 of the Netherlands, and the biggest chunk I can draw in 1 screen around Innsbruck. Low resolution caches only use a couple of megabytes.


Just the NYC area it took 33gigs, so I have at 500gig.

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