Scenery creator for Xbox?

Hi all!

I wonder if it is possible to create scenery suitable for Xbox? I understand that this would then have to be done on a PC or laptop.

Anyone done this?


You can do that, of course on PC, in the same way you create them for PC
You Need to export them for the marketplace clicking on the Xbox checkbox
The you Need to send the package to ms, and once they Will approve It, the package Will be published on the marketplace where Xbox users can buy it
Of course you Need to be a marketplace partner
There Is actually no way to sideload Packages on the Xbox, a probably there Will never be a way to do so in the near future

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You can only create addons for the market. Xbox can’t deal with community addons (the heart of FS Franchise !).

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and this will take ages until it will be published :weary:

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Thx man.

I assume you have experience with this? What program do you use on the PC for this?

The Sim already have some of the tools you Need inside It

This Is my tutorial:

Or you can search YouTube for the Flying Theston’s ones


That’s a whole different story :sweat_smile:
I’m not a marketplace approved partner (my requeast has been pending for several months by now, i gave up), but some Friends are, and i know from them how long and frustrating the process is


Thanks for your lightning fast response. I found it interesting to find out if I am able to improve a local airport. Don’t know if I can and if I like it.
I will watch your tutorial! :fist_left:t2:

I see you will need to have MSFS2020 installed on the PC…

Yeahh and It Is on sale now! The standard edition Is enough!

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Then i will have to buy a decent computer first. I play on Xbox.