Scenery degradation with update

When this flight sim came out I was able to see an accurate representation of the local golf course in Ultra mode (where I practiced landings and takeoffs from the first fairway). After the second major update all the detail was missing and now with the latest update the whole golf course is just a blank area. As well, now I’m getting all kinds of rendering glitches in distant objects particularly water/land boundaries. It’s as though it’s rendering in low quality mode even though I have it set to Ultra. What can I do?

sometimes Nvidia geforce experience has been known to get in the way.

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Thanks -I’ve had the same video cards and software the whole time and they worked fine when the Sim was released. I’ll refresh the software and see if that helps.

yh no problem. :grinning:

If you have an nVidia card and use GeForce Experience, it’s been known to seemingly randomly apply it’s “optimal” settings to your games when it gets installed / updated. “Optimal” means lowest detail for highest frame rate.

Also, make sure all your online data streaming in MSFS are enabled (Photogrammetry, Bing data, etc). I’ve personally had momentary connection issues with the Bing / Asobo servers that have switched off data streaming in the background. Just because you may have set it to ON a few days ago doesn’t mean it’s on now. Yesterday through the day there were some terrible connection issues to Microsoft’s data centres (where all MSFS cloud data is stored and processed), that caused exactly this to happen to a lot of people.

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Thanks!!! Problem solved. Bing data streaming was off. -I’ve also updated the Nvidia drivers and now I get no stutter.

One other glitch that I have is that when I fly the Cessna 172 glass cockpit plane, the trim radically adjusts itself for the first few minutes of flying. It seems to be trying to counteract me as I fly up or down. Any idea on what might be the problem?