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Correct. I’m not using the Wishlist as a guide. I’m looking at their Roadmap which says July 25th tomorrow but still listed as TBA. Fingers crossed.

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Would be time now. Maybe they dont want to make a big thing about it as it gives users more options to costumize airports, which potentially could hurt some 3rd party addon makers

All their releases come out around 9-10 AM Pacific time. So we still got around 22 hours. Not really. The purpose of this tool should be to allow developers both from the community and 3rd party to better edit airports generally. Right now it’s a major pain in the butt and the process even to make minor changes is quite tedious.

I should be able to go code an airport with airline parking, edit the ATC list, and assign runway configurations and be done in around 40 minutes. Been doing this since FS2004. Tried doing it in 2020 with ADE and the process to just add the airport and make sure the changes are saved and show up is not worth it. Also would fix 99% of AI issues at airports.


Yeah I completely understand the trouble I was trying to fix some gate sizes as well and it was an horrible thing to do. It took me multiple days and its still not perfect

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Even if it did (I agree with @UpstateElf898 that it’s not going to hurt 3rd party developers), that’s a really bad reason to deprioritize this tool. In fact, it would free up developers to focus on things that can’t merely be done with stock scenery and editing tools.

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Seems we’ve gotten shorted again. Downloaded WU14 and can’t find it anywhere.

scenery gateway system (world hub) tool ??? WHEN ¿¿¿???

Supposed to be a part of WU14 which came out today.

Nothing in the Steam post as well. Whats actually the point of posting it will be in WU14 in the Dev Update 5 days ago and then nothing happens


As someone who follows the Dev updates fairly closely, I’ve noticed often the development side of the update is likely a copy-and-paste job quite often, rather than a comprehensive update from developers on their plans as of that date. So I assume plans changed and the Wishlist wasn’t ever updated.

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Because they only care about wanting pretty planes and scenery. That may bring people in but it’s the core functions like realistic airports, AI, weather, ATC that will keep people playing. Anyone who moderately plays MSFS probably travels and flies often. Seeing odd airlines parked in odd terminals doesn’t look right or landing on a 99% predominantly departure runway.

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still no idea what the scenery gateway system is… first as i read it for the first time months? years? ago i thought it would be Gate Docking Systems, VDGS^^
Today i think i dont need it actually.

I explained it above already. It’s a way to streamline bringing improvements to MSFS airports without waiting for Asobo to do it themselves. This includes airport layouts, buildings, airline parking at terminals, runway usage, etc… Unless you want all of your airports stuck back in 2020 then this tool is absolutely necessary not just for scenery developers but also for anyone who uses AI traffic. Editing airports has been a function we’ve been able to do in FS since back in 2004.

The VDGS is something I don’t think anyone actually needs. With GSX or just looking outside the plane when lining up at the gate is efficient enough. I’ve never used it.


No AI planes fixes? The long landing total unrealistic doesnt get fixed? Last bug was insane loud ai engine sound we lived it for months they fix it and new bug is now the long landing of ai planes they land at the middle of runway or even further away. Will need to wait again???

Landings have been fixed for months if you use FSLTL or AIFlow/AIGround. MSFS Traffic is broken, no idea why anyone uses it still.

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No, landing is not fixed i use AIG daily and if you dont use aiflow they will all land late all the time.

For FTLSL it is kinda fixed but for AIG it is not.

With aiflow they step down so bad i dont use it.

I use AIGTC and 100% its not fixed.

Go back and read what I said. IF you use FSLTL or AIGround/AIFlow. I didn’t say AIG. So yes, AIG is broken. AIG is also not MSFS. So you should be asking on the AIG forums. Alpha India Group - Index

But Kaii at AIG has also worked in a fix for AIGTC a long time ago anyways. So, not sure why you’re having that problem. But the only product that still has gunked landings is MSFS traffic. Everyone else has fixed this a long time ago.

Iam sorry your right, iam a AIG user.

Kaii over at AIG has done some amazing work with fixing issues within MSFS using his AIGTC program. I’m sure the landings are fixed. So you need to double check your settings, install, or ask about it on their forums.

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