Scenery Pack

Hi all.
where i upload the Scenery Pack (flydata) for follow airports?
EHBK, ETNG, EDKA, EDJB, EDIZ, EDXW, EDDK only with Gates and cpl. Cologne City.
Flightsim…to or flightsim…com…or where?

Regards Uli Loehl

Guten Abend, Uli,
ich würde Ihnen sehr gern ein Nachricht schicken (am liebsten Mail), finde aber nirgendwo (auf keiner der Seiten, wo man flydata_megapack_airports herunterladen kann) eine Kontaktmöglichkeit. Als Anfänger benötige ich etwas Hilfe, kann Ihnen aber auch Hilfe anbieten. Können Sie mir irgendwie/irgendwo einen Weg mitteilen? Ich würde mich sehr freuen. Grüße, Alex

Hi Uli,

since SU5 there are several airport towers located at your EDXW scenery. Could you please check?

Many thanks & Regards


I work on all of this.
After the new 08/21 update from Microsoft there are the mistakes.


Hi Uli,

good to know, looking forward to an update. Please be so kind and inform here when it is available.

Many thanks


Hello the Update for Microsoft Version is online at
This update goes online next days…take a look daily.

EDDK comes later !
The Folder Flaydata EDJB can delete, this Airport comes together with the new Folder EDIZ.
Delete not the old Texture Folders!
Copy and paste only the new Files from the Zip to the Airportfolders !

For some a bit too complicated, but 1., I don’t want to blow up the server with unnecessary texture files and 2., for everyone who knows the folder structure in FS, this should be easy.
Only the BGL and jason files per airport should be renewed. Nothing has changed by name…only the date of the files is newer.
Who shies away from the effort, just delete the Flydata freeware sceneries from me, and that’s it…you don’t have to use them.

Regards ULI

Hi Uli,

many thanks for the update. The stupid tower buildings since SU5 are gone now. But now I have a couple of pink objects in your scenery, e.g. a train and power poles in front of Keitum train stations which haven’t been there before. Have you added something during the update?



von wann ist der Texture Ordner?

When is the texture folder from?
Was the last update installed before the current one?
if not, you are missing textures …
go to and download the latest edxw Version, replace them again the update BGL files at EDXW.

Pink objects are every time with missed textures !

regards uli

Hi Uli,

which texture folder do you talk about? There is none. I had the scenery for EDXW from your megapack from 18.04.21 (only EDXW, not your other airports) and overwrote the file with the new update. Before, I hadn’t any pink objects.
(Von welchem Texture Ordner sprichst Du? Ich habe da keinen. Ich hatte EDXW aus dem Megapack vom 18.04.21 installiert (und nur EDXW) und habe die existierenden Files nun mit dem Update überschrieben. Bis dahin hatte ich keine pinken Objekte)



es gibt je scenery immer einen Texture ordner.
unter scenery/world/texture oder world/scenery/texture.
In etwa dort wo auch modellib.bgl zu finden ist die erneuert werden muss.
Es gab schonmal Probleme bei anderen da hat der download von flightsim nicht korrekt geklappt und es fehlten Dateien!
Lade Dir die letzte edxw version nochmal runter und Tausch den Texture Ordner aus…
“Flydata syltground” hast Du aber auch, oder?!
Bitte auch installieren!

lg uli

i have own Server. There you can download the complete new Flydata Scenerys.
I hope thats a easerly…
Before Install, delete the Old Folder for the airport you will install.
EDJB can complete delete !

Regards ULi
Here the Links:

Comes new next Time!


Many thanks, Uli, indeed, the texture folder was missing in the Now it looks as it should. BTW, maybe time to look for another upload platform. is extremely slow and worthless if important parts of a download are skipped/missing.

EDIT: You also corrected the fence at the western part! :+1:

Hi Uli,

thank you very much, the immersion is great and everything works fine for me!


Have a nice flight all…

Regards Uli

Hi all.
After the new German update from Asobo, there are a lot mistakes.
I am very sick…
The Ground Images at EDXW not at the same place before, now the Taxiways incorrect.
At Edxw Airport now, many Trees…thats not correct.
At Edka comes a new wrong Airport Tower, also at ETNG, no Tower…
I must correct that all… edxw and etng is rebuilt.
But the Airport EDKA must i make complete new, the Bgl File was not generated with the old Folders.
The complete Folder structure are not the same before.
The Ediz and Edjb and Maastricht have i not controll, the EDKA Airport is very strange for make new… he coast me time …time…time…
And , Asobo makes with German update the old runway in place… thats a big fault.
Bing Maps also not new…

Very bad.
regards uli

Sounds not good, Uli. Hope you will not loose your motivation to create sceneries because of this.

Some previous things were good…there were no problems.
If you redo too much you usually make it worse.
Everything was fine, now it’s just more complicated and opaque with the SDK tool.
Of course you can’t know everything with the gigantic data, but EDKA is not a small sports airport…the Adac rescue service is also based there…and according to the latest status there are now three runways… after the update, there is only the one old runway with a wrong tower etc.
If these places are to be taken care of, then please do so in the correct manner!

I must do so in right form to…

Regards Uli

HI all.
Here are the complete new Scenery Files.
Delete all Flydata Folder in your Comunity Folder.
The Eddk and Maastricht not ready yet.

First EDKA.

Second EDIZ and EDJB

Third EDXW.

Four ETNG NATO Airport

Regards ULI