Scenery Package errors

after the last sdk update something has changed and I cant build airport/scenery packages successfully anymore. I’ve created dozens of airports in the past and had zero issues. these 3 errors are keeping me from building a package. Just spent 4 hours working on an airport for nothing

Please check carefully that your packagedefinition xml match your folder structure, this Is what the compiler Is telling you :wink:
Further investigation require a zip of your Project

Is there a tutorial on this?

I really want to help you, so i recorded a tutorial using the new wizard , and according to your error and my findings, you did that to
The wizard creates wrong entries in packagedefinition xml file
To solve, Simply edit your that, output dirs should be like:

<OutputDir>  scenery/world/scenery\</OutputDir>
For model lib

<OutputDir> scenery/global/scenery\</OutputDir>

As per the error in the console, those paths should contain the Word “scenery”