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Are there any other places to get freeware scenery besides This site has you waiting way too long for a download to start, poor download speeds and the captchas are about on my last nerve. Are there other good sites that have most of the scenery found above or am I stuck with this one?

And it’s free and costs nothing. Others are Avsim and

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Orbx offers up some free stuff.

While I have to agree I don’t like the direction where is going compared to what it was when it first started, it is free, has a good freeware selection and probably is still by far the best place to get freeware at this time (and to be fair to them I guess they have to pay the bills somehow).

Are you serious? Did you also get your rig, FS software, bread, milk, meat, beer, and housing for free?
I guess not…
Now, to the point… please consider to pay for sceneries and planes instead of complaining about the fact that your free downloads are a bit limited in speed.

Happy :small_airplane:


It would be very interesting to see where modland would be had never launched.

Most of the established sites are painful to use and navigate. I expect the new site’s presence inspired a huge amount of people to start creating.


Why so aggressive? Topic starter just asked about other places to download stuff.
On question of payment, not everybody have hundreds dollars to spend on payware scenery. If there are enthusiast who willing to provide free stuff (or donation based), why not use it, and use it with comfortable speeds. The thing with I guess is that it grows faster than it can handle it.

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Just so you know most available freeware hasn’t been built or even optimised for MSFS so you use it at your own risk and peril because a few may contain little extras that you might not want on your PC.

Some of payware has not been optimized either. Any third party addon is a risk and peril. :grinning:


I apologize for the aggressive part…
My main point was : the complaint about the slow download speeds on
It’s an excellent website and hosting it comes with a price.
On top of that: creating sceneries, planes etc. is time consuming…
It’s not all top notch of course but there are diamonds out there… and worth a decent payment.


I’ve invested over 7 grand into my sim, scenery and hardware. I need no lecture on spending money towards this hobby dude.

If I want to pay for scenery I go to Sim Market or buy it from the store. If I want freeware I go elsewhere. was a freeware site. They have now made it a payware site more and more every day. We already have payware sites.

You make some nice scenery, man.

Yeah, I’m basically saying that making people wait 45 seconds for something to download is unprecedented in the flight sim community. Avsim, Flightsim, all of those never gave you this much hassle.

Thank you.

Those sites would die in less than ten seconds if subjected to the same demand. Some of them can’t even host a jpeg along with the file description.


You are complaining about having to wait 45 seconds to download something for free? Really? Wow. The world is going mad.

I’d happily wait 45 minutes to download PinkPanteees most excellent work.


Clearly you haven’t been around long as in the past always throttled bandwidth, limited the number of downloads in a day etc unless you paid for a premium subscription.

And I should add, absolutely nothing wrong in doing that.


Is that what this is about? Seriously?


It adds up. When you’re over 50, every minute counts. And what do you care? You dont have to read it or participate. I didnt catch your list of appropriate posts for this website. I’ll be sure and check in with you before I post something, next time.

Edit - And I’m Im not looking to go to WW3 over the matter, I’m just voicing a complaint. I spent years donating to Avsim etc.