Scenery Spikes

No idea, but I don’t think so. That involves water masks in a lot of cases. It might fix some if the water climbing issues were due to bad elevation data, which abounds. But, others, no.

But here we’re talking about the new scenery spikes which have suddenly appeared all over the place.

He was originally just fixing bad data mostly in the mountain areas, he’s now taken on the whack-a-mole of the spikes as well…

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I just posted my scenery spike last night. They merged my post with some main thread with thousands of comments. I’m guessing this thread will also go that direction.

This sort of thing should not happen though, that someone is good and kind enough to repair Asobo’s cockup. :roll_eyes:

This is likely due to a new terrain mesh I’d say, I’m sure Asobo will fix it.

They must have not considered it a show stopper probably.

Well if they dont consider ugly spikes a show stopper they have a very different mindset to the average simmer. These spikes look terrible.

You guys may want to take a look here. This fine gent found the actual cause of the issue causing the spikes, and it’s bad terrain elevation files.

He used original files from an older, non-updated version of MSFS to create a mod that will revert the broken terrain back to pre-patch state with Asobo’s own files. And it should fix ALL the spike issues around the world, not just select areas that were manually patched up in these fixes posted above.


Thanks. Its crazy that an end user has to solve the issue though. Asobo really do need to get their act together.


As I said before, Why should someone else in the flight sim community fix Asobo and Microsoft’s cockups. mappamundi who created this file and fix, did it for free and is not paid anything by Microsoft and Asobo. Maybe Microsoft should pay up. :rage:

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I don’t disagree. The community should be focusing on creating 3rd party content to enhance the core sim, not fixing issues with the core sim itself.

Oh yes I agree totally with the community having an input, but not to fix major cockups after a 13.67Gb update. There are some seriously skilled folk which are creating jaw dropping FREEWARE addons for FS2020, and in some instances way better quality and detail than some payware addons which are out there on the market. I’d like to know what excuse Microsoft and Asobo have got for this major cockup. :woozy_face:

Very many aberrations between LFSB and LFQW. These tips did not exist in previous versions.

This one is captured while landing at Brier Patch in Montana, apparently rising just across Stevensville airport (32S), and disappears when you fly close to it.

I’d love to see a hotfix for such a bug but seems like the base of it is so heavy that they leave it to be solved in the next year’s first update. Given, of course, they are aware of it !

I guess they are vacationing

Must be a terrain issue X-PLANE had a similar bug to this.I had a good laugh with this!

Rome Airport GA

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From a brief flight today in the UK, every one of these I saw was associated with water.

It was happening a little before the last patch and now it is happening a lot more. I wonder if it is a Bing to Sim processing error that is happening either when they update the maps to the Scenery servers, or from the servers to us. Anyway, one of the biggest, and new bugs now… Back to FSX type issues.

Was happening with X-PLANE with orthos so you may not be wrong.It was tied to the mesh.

Same in Provence of Quebec (Trois-Rivieres -Quebec city- Riviere du Loup)

The whole thing should be moved to Bugs and there should also be VOTED:

You can’t vote in the General Discussion… so Head on Over and VOTE for the bug!