Scenery Units of Measurement

Gooday to all,

I’m using the Blender2MSFS plugin with some good results to far except…

My Blender model uses a specific unit size (0.01 and mm - don’t ask :smile:) and pretty much everything I import into FS2020 is, well, gigantic. To give you an idea, an airport terminal building has already replaced the Burj Khalifa as the world’s tallest building.

So, assuming that Blender2MSFS does no unit conversion and that FS2020 just sees the numbers and uses its own unit measurement, what is that unit size?

Many thanks.

1 Meter in blender is 1 meter in MSFS

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Good to know, thank you for sharing!

I wondered how or where do I find information for buildings heights? The length and width one can measure but the height of an object in reality is hard to find out.

Thanks. Seems to me that FS2020 just assumes metres regardless of what the unit is set to in Blender. My model is 10% scale in Blender with units set to MM and I’m now importing at the correct size when scaling to 0.01 in the scenery editor. I might well resize in Blender to make it more intuitive, but for now it works.

I have changed the units in Blender to pretty much everything, but it makes no difference to the size that FS2020 imports at.