Scenery update for Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are a bit disappointing to fly over and never get the right scenery representation in every flight sim so far would love to see a better version of the Great Lakes area

Hi there,
Could you give some examples of what issues you’re seeing? We try to mark topics that have been delivered in the sim, and sometimes it’s difficult to do that without specifics.
Are you looking at photogrammetry? Looking at the photogrammetry map from World Update 2, I can see that a lot of the Great Lakes region was not updated:

I did several flights over the different areas and I found these small things

Chimney Bluffs state park area in NY is not labeled for an interesting landmark or not quite that visible

Greater Rochester International Airport is a mess around the hanger area by runway 28

Need lighthouses and marina channels for vfr

The small amusement parks show up only 2d

Couldn’t find Fort Mackinac on the island

Locks in the Welland Canal are not visible

Niagara Falls and Buffalo need work!

Grosse Ile municipal airport in Michigan is not flyable at all there so many areas where it just dropped off that almost killed the Cessna 152 when taxing from runway 4 to the parking (it was so bumpy I had to double check my nav because thought I was taxiing on the NY State thruway)