Scenery updates with world update (8 in this regard)

I feel sincerely ripped off, I bought the Lisbon scenery today by MK-Studios, and it’s not compatible with the latest WU, it removes photogrammetry for large areas around the airport.

MS should provide betas or whatever, or make sure that scenery developers get to launch updated sceneries asap after world update. MK-Studios already have an update available. Ideally, there should of course not happened at all at WU launch, that high profile sceneries are incompatible with WU-updates they are within the perimeters of, and are sold as improvements for: The Lisbon airport is not hand-crafted in the WU or before.

I don’t see why you feel ripped off if MK studios already has an update available?

Not by them, but how this is organised. I bought this to fly this weekend. I probably won’t have time until after summer again. The eco-system still feels amateurish.

■■■! It’s still not updated in the marked place. How do I ask for a refund, so that I can buy the same scenery from ORBX or Aerosoft?

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