Scenery with buildings from 3d warehouse

I made a city scenery with buildings made by me and others taken from 3d warehouse. Can I upload this scenery for others? Is there a lawyer on board? Maybe a little legal advice?

If its your work you can upload it to and they host freeware stuff. :wink:

Unless it explicitly says you can use the models and release them, then no you can’t. In that case you would have to contact the makers of each model to get their permission.

Thanks, I will ask. I even contacted 3d warehouse, but they answered only " …it would be best for you to consult an attorney…" It was quite surprise.

Good luck with that - Read their General Model Licence. Specifically Para 1. & 2.

Para 1 says you may: “download, reproduce, adapt, make derivative works based on, modify, publish, publicly display and perform, distribute, make, sell, offer to sell, import, and use Models for the uses expressly authorized below” but then points you to the Terms of Use, which states that you can’t distribute models unless you have explicit permission to do so from the author (which is what I would expect).

Para 2 then says these terms can change at their discretion.

The T&C in general essentially seems to be saying that they can not be held responsible for any models submitted to them (in the case that they might be infringing copyright for example). It really is a minefield. Don’t bother with the site - if you want to distribute a model (from ANYWHERE), get written permission from the Author - then hope that they are actually the owners of the intellectual rights to that model. Even better, get Blender 3d and start creating.

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Thanks! I’m already creating, almost half of the buildings are mine. But instead of creating buildings that have already been made once, I would rather create new ones! :slight_smile:

You’ve got to love sites like that with Ts and Cs like that. The model is free or $2.50 but you need to hire a lawyer for $1000 before you can do anything meaningful with it.