Schiphol EHAM takeoff 18R?

The last couple of days i experienced that ATC directs me to runway 18R to takeoff in a southern pattern. I cannot imagine with runways to all directions Schiphol will use this one runway without taxilane to takeoff. 36L to the north is used (with the 20m taxi ride) offcourse.

For instance:

If the’re southern winds in EHAM MSFS2020 allways want that you to take off from 18R. But 18R is only used for landings and not for departures.

How to change this?

I don’t think there is at the moment. I know what you mean though - I used to edit “operations” files in X-Plane that would enable me to open/close runways based on specific conditions, times of days, aircraft, etc. This would be great to have here in the future.

Same that sometimes you’ll get runway 06 for takeoff… Take 09 instead