Schweizer by Mscenery

Sorry to say this, but:

Before MSCENERY patches something for the better hell freezes over!

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Edit: Deleted as it was off-topic.

This is going OT, but who cares.

Shady is:

  • Refund policy (as written by the TO)
  • No written reviews of the content
  • To long waiting times for new content or updates to existing content
  • Content that was broken by earlier SU and / or WU is still purchasable

Good points, especially the no written reviews part

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I’m trying to get to see a YouTube video of the Schweizer Helicopter Mscenery and I can’t find anything.

I’m not surprised. Why waste money on an aircraft purchase to make a review about it when the dev hasn’t produced a single even half way decent aircraft before? There are enough YT videos for some of his previous ones. They should give you an inkling what to expect

There are only very few devs who consistently produce totally substandard aircraft with little or no service and communication, and which I avoid like the plague

  • CaptainSim
  • MScenery
  • Deimos
  • Bredok3D (to a slightly lesser extent)

yes, those are some of the practices i dont agree with. also:
A) the practice of “youre not buying the software, youre buying an unspecified number of credits that are immediately redeemed for the software”- could any reseller apply this business model to insulate themselves from the product they sell?
B.) no detailed receipt of purchases. theres no record of what you purchased, just “you bought $X worth of credits on this date” . even less helpful when you purchase multiple aircraft at once
C.) right or wrong, i hold the in game store to a higher standard - others may not, but these are some of my reasons not to shop there. this sim is full of low-effort churn-ware. and caveat emptor is more important here than elsewhere .however, the fact that something is featured& sold in-game gives the appearance of being officially endorsed by Asobo/microsoft. given that distinction, they should make clear that their products are neither curated nor checked for quality.

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add to that list :

the main drawback with being a xbox flyer is the marketplace inflexible purchasing rules and terrible rating system. i need to see some informed youtube review before i purchase any aircraft. and then as there aren`t that main xbox focused reviews there is still caution.

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Can’t believe something better got bumped because of that. Seems new aircraft are limited to 2 or 3, the B52 bumped one, now this garbage.

I have on 2 occasions gotten refunds from MP junk, it’s not that hard and it’s fairly easy if you follow the process listed somewhere here in the forums.

I didn’t dare venture to purchase this one

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